Spring 2014 Update

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2013 has been a great year for Aging in Alabama, thanks to our clients, our healthcare affiliates, and referring professionals.  Thanks to all for helping us off to a great 2013, and an ever better 2014!
We are humbled and proud to serve you!

What we can do…

Aging in Alabama, is an elder law firm focusing on long term care consultations and problem solving for your family, we offer simple, custom solutions for preserving your life’s work.
Whether you are planning for the future, or find yourself in the midst of a crisis, call today for a consultation and advocacy.  Get qualified for nursing home Medicaid; accurately find out what choices you and your family face. Knowledge is power, take charge of your situation today!

§  Nursing home Medicaid qualification

§  Asset protection

§  Guardianships and Conservatorships

§  Advanced planning including Trusts

§  Long term care planning

§  Nationally known Speaker

Nursing home costs have risen to immense levels.  If you become ill, your family may exhaust your savings and have to apply for nursing home Medicaid. If they do not know exactly how to handle your finances, your children could very well be spending their own resources for your care.

Find out what rules may apply in your case and set out a
care plan early.

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Some common questions that I get…

Q: My husband is in the nursing home and the house is in my name.  Will I have to lose the house, or part of it?

A: No, leave it in your name.  If you pass away, though, what does your will say?  Time to change your will and omit the spouse, otherwise, if something happens to you, your husband inherits the house.  If you omit, your heirs would have to pay him 1/3 of the value, but that saves 2/3.  Also make sure you get your own power of attorney done.  Don’t transfer your home until after your husband passes away to avoid a penalty.  There are still plenty of other assets you can keep.  You should call.

Q: My mother wants me to take care of her in my home. Is it okay for her to pay for an addition?

A: Not unless you have 5 years to wait.  Any amounts contributed to you will be considered a transfer without compensation and would be subject to a penalty if she goes into a nursing home or you agree to a lien on the home.  Get a consultation before taking this course of action.

Call for a free telephone consultation to find out what you should be doing: (855) ELD-RLAW

Where can I find out more?    

Upcoming events – come listen and ask me live! – FREE

July 25 –  Estate Planning Seminar (12pm to 1pm) Country Place Senior Living 8127 Gayfer Road Ext. Fairhope, AL – PLEASE RSVP at 251-929-2494


what should I bring to an appointment?

Bring anything specific that you have questions about.  You should gather your information about your income, assets, health and life insurance, property, and any important documents you have such as a power of attorney, will, trust documents, tax returns, Veterans benefits or terms of service, and deeds.

Your consultation is a working meeting, approximately 2 hours long, depending upon your needs.  Further discussion may be necessary upon receipt of additional documents if necessary.  A report is provided regarding available options following the meeting.


Kyla Kelim speaks nationwide to groups across the country as well as local, state and regional appearances on many topics of interest to seniors.  Although topics regarding protecting assets is among the most popular topics, She is happy to provide a tailored speech according to the interests of your groups on such topics as Durable Powers of Attorneys, Wills vs. Trusts, Estate planning, Advanced Health Care Directives, Medicare benefits, Medicare Advantage plans, Saving money through little known senior benefits, Veterans’ benefits, Probate, Retirement benefits, and much more.

Call today to reserve Mrs. Kelim for your special event.


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